Our Respite Families

The Evans Family

Alaya is a 13-year-old who was born with sickle cell disease.

The Shroeder Family

Josiah was diagnosed with leukemia in 2017. The family was desperate for a break and change of scenery.

The Raber Family

Joey suffers from intractable epilepsy. Joey seizes almost daily, sometimes multiple times per day.

The Rammel Family

In June of 2021 Sandi’s older daughter Kim was diagnosed with lung cancer and brain tumors.

The Bishop Family

Mary Catherine is battling stage 4 Neuroendocrine tumors.

The Ford Family

Kaden Ford suffers from Sickle Cell. Kaden spends a lot of time in and out of the hospital and missing school.

Option EDS The Retreat 2019

In May of 2019, we hosted 5 families that are living with loved ones of EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome).

The Forrest Family

Josh is battling Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. He was diagnosed while attending school at Radford University.

The Whitmer Family

Sharee Whitmer is battling Leiomyosarcoma which has metastasized throughout her body.

The Gallagher Family

Chris Gallagher has been battling stage 4 lung cancer. The same cancer is father battled.

The Rios Family

Kaylee is 10 years old and in March of 2011 at the age of 2, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma.

The Neylon Family

Kim is a such a beautiful woman, inside and out. Her smile and laugh is contagious.

The Deavers Family

To know Owen is to love Owen. He has a smile that will warm your heart.

The Burns Family

Erin Burns was diagnosed with APML Leukemia while attending Virginia Tech.

The Nunez Family

Adam Nunez was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma at the age of 1.

The Martin Family

Lori was blessed with the memories her family created during their stay.

The Pennefather Family

Deirdre was diagnosed with Stage III C breast cancer around Christmas of 2017.

The Munsell Family

The Munsell family stayed with us in June 2018, from VA.

Option EDS The Retreat

In May of 2018 we hosted Option EDS The Retreat.

The Hoover Family

In June 2018, the Hoover family traveled all the way from Minnesota!

The Noe Family

July 4th week of 2018 we hosted the Noe family from Virginia.

Team Lewis

It was a dream come true for Lewis, his brother Khileel and his mother Tabitha.

The Bataille Family

Camden and his family spent a week at the Respite House.

Oklahoma to the Outerbanks

In trying to figure out how to say goodbye, how do you live?

The Shannon Family

The awesome Shannon family spent Thanksgiving at the Respite House.

The Mack Family

The wonderful Mack family made their first ever trip to the Outerbanks.

The Alvarez Family

The Alvarez Family traveled from Connecticut for a once in a life time road trip.

The Powell Family

The Powell family spent a week at our Respite House the summer of June 2016.

The Selig/Adams Family

“Grady entered this world as a very tiny preemie weighing 1 pound 14 ounces!

The Green Family

“This is our life and while it’s incredibly hard, it is beautiful…”

The Alexander Family

Visiting our Williamsburg timeshare in November, 2015.

The Peters Family

Baby Jermaine and Family, Daytona Beach, FL.

The Belsher Family

“Thank you Healing Hearts for the most wonderful week of respite for our family!”