The Gallagher Family

Chris Gallagher has been battling stage 4 lung cancer. The same cancer is father battled. This family is a beautiful example of faith and grace during dark times. Their faith never waivers!

The Gallagher family is from Virginia and we hosted them in July 2019.



“We can’t begin to thank you enough for this true gift. We pray that Healing Hearts is blessed ten-fold for all of the amazing blessings that this week together brought in spite of Chris’ state 4 lung cancer. We pray for more experiences of a lifetime like this one and more memories of him, love and faith.   We love all of the signs and wall hangings throughout the house and felt like this was a sanctuary of connection with God.   I loved hearing Chris laugh out loud when reading one of the books sitting out called “Dance Naked in Fuzzy Slippers”. We hope our kids remember this trip forever and the best vacation with their dad. We hold onto HOPE in God’s healing miracles for Chris.”