The Nunez Family

Adam Nunez was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma at the age of 1.  At the time of their trip to our respite house he was 3 years old and thriving!  Older brother Ethan had given the family a serious scare with meningitis and was hospitalized for quite some time just before Adam’s diagnosis.  Also, grandma had just finished her treatment for breast cancer.  Both parents and grandparents were treated to a lovely dinner on the water at the Blue Point for date night.

The Nunez family is from Virginia and we hosted them in April 2019.



“We can’t express to you in words how blessed and thankful we are for this gift.  This week has been relaxing and peaceful for our family.  The ocean has a serene affect, there were no worries and we were truly able to be in the moment.”