The Whitmer Family

Sharee Whitmer is battling Leiomyosarcoma which has metastasized throughout her body.  Sharee leans on her faith in our Heavenly Father. She is a beautiful example of leaning on our perfect God during her fight.

The Whitmer family is from Virginia and we hosted them in July 2019.


“Thank you Healing Hearts. While we were here, my 4 year cancerversary came and went. This time was so needed for many reasons. I will never forget this time here with my beloved family. The last four years have been so difficult and there is not an end in sight as far as treatment goes. I have had many surgeries, radiation and chemo (which is why my handwriting is so awful).  Next week we start treatments again. This week has given me the focus I had lost, the focus that is needed to go on from here with HOPE. For me the beach is such a healing place for both my body and mind. I rarely get to go. Thank you for making this possible. I can’t begin to express to you what it has meant to not me but all of us. God Bless You!”