Please make a donation to the Healing Heart Respite Foundation.

By making a donation you are providing memories and healing for families battling life threatening illness and disease.  Your donation ensures that the respite house is maintained and Healing Hearts can provide a comfortable setting and a few amenities for our respite families.

Please consider becoming a monthly donor.  You choose the amount to be automatically withdrawn from a designated credit card or bank account.  Your monthly commitment will help maintain the respite house and provide an occasional destination respite trip for a precious family.   A recurring gift gives us comfort in knowing that we will be able to provide a time of healing, respite and priceless memories for Hearts that need comfort and Healing.

Other ways to donate!

If you are interested in donating a stay at your vacation home or use of your timeshare, please contact us at

Vacation Home Donation

This is a great way to help us provide additional locations for families in need of rest and healing.  When you open your vacation home to us, you are providing an amazing opportunity to Heal a Heart and provide lasting memories. You may donate the use of your vacation home for a time frame this is best for you, we are not asking for peak seasons or weeks!  Respite is a blessing any time of year.

In most cases, the donation of your vacation home to Healing Hearts is not tax deductible.  However, certain costs with your home’s operation may be deductible for some homeowners.  Please consult your tax advisor regarding your donation.

Timeshare Use

If you have a week at your timeshare that you cannot use, please consider donating that week to Healing Hearts. Your donated unused week can provide Healing Hearts additional opportunities to send families on a much needed trip to spend time with their loved ones in the midst of their medical crisis.  Your donation could be an amazing blessing to a family in need of Healing Heart.

The tax law specifically prohibits a tax deduction for donating the use of a week (e.g., donating this year’s week) to charity.

Aerial view of Corolla, NC
Aerial view of Corolla, NC