Option EDS The Retreat

In May of 2018 we hosted Option EDS The Retreat. What is EDS? Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a debilitating connective tissue disorder accompanied by many other issues such as Mast Cell, Chiari Malformation and much more.

God clearly orchestrated this amazing trip and relationship with all of these beautiful women. A lovely woman named Monica Snyder from Ohio was getting a monthly infusion when she googled “respite places in the Outer Banks”. Monica had traveled to the Outer Banks a few years prior and her heart was touched so much that she wanted to share the peace and beauty with women she had met on her EDS journey.

These ladies (Mother’s and Daughters) traveled from all over the US (Ohio, Michigan, Mississippi, Kentucky, South Carolina, Massachusetts). This was no easy trip for any of these ladies as it is very hard to be in a vehicle for any amount of time and packing equipment, medications, wheelchairs and more.

The love and attention to detail during the retreat was just beautiful.

We have a new knowledge of EDS and life long friends who need constant support and prayer. We encourage people to learn more about Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.